MX Graphics Install Video

Graphics Fitment – The right way.

Come along with Joel as he shows you what to use, how to use it and some helpful tips and tricks to get your graphics kit installed and looking perfect!

We’ve also added a bunch of key points and tips below for a perfect install at home.


Learn more with Joel in our full video:


To help make the job easier, we recommend having these tools ready to go:

  • Soft edge applicator (squeegee)
  • Alcohol cleaner
  • Signage knife (just in case)
  • Heat gun (ESSENTIAL)
  • Patience!

Or if you’re in Australia, we have Plastics Prep packs available here.


Cleaning is THE most important step for long lasting, good looking graphics.

Use an alcohol based cleaner on all surfaces, such as Isocol, Methylated Spirits or Brake Clean.

This is super important even on brand new plastics, as they have a wax coating that protects plastics during storage before purchase.

Make sure that you are using a brand new rag, and that all surfaces are dry once finishing the clean.

“Should I install to plastics on or off the bike?”

This comes down to personal preference. Some of our crew prefer to install their graphics with the plastics on the bike, so that the bike holds everything in place and doesn’t move around. Others like to install to plastics on a bench, so they can move around freely. It’s all up to what feels best for you!


Go fast, end up last!

When lining up your graphics, take your time. This will help you out later on in the install process so that you don’t have overhang, and to ensure each piece lines up nicely with bolt holes and design elements.

Start with nice, easy flat pieces first like a front number plate, to help you get in the groove. Once you’re confident, work your way from the largest plastics down to the smallest.

Proceeding this way helps you better line up design aspects in the kit, as you can manouver smaller pieces a lot easier than larger pieces.

“Should I use soapy water when sticking them on?”

No! Using soapy water is a very old school method, for old school materials. We use Air Release, high tac, highly conformable media, which, with a little heat, will mould to any shape you want it to!


Your best friend!

Heat guns are an essential part of any graphics install! Applying a small amount of heat will help mould your stickers through any tricky plastic bends or curves, as well as setting the adhesive on completion.

It is super important to go over the entire graphics kit at the end of the install for what is called a ‘heat set’. This is where you heat up the stickers to the point they are almost too hot to touch.

This resets the print materials ‘plastic memory’ into the new shape of the plastics, rather than the material wanting to pull back to flat. The heat set also activates the adhesive, allowing for a more precise and tougher bond to the plastics and swing arms.

If you have any parts that feel like they’re wanting to lift up, there’s a good chance they just didn’t get quite enough heat, and going over those areas again will fix any issues 99% of the time.

Still not sure?

We offer graphics installs for all of our kits, as well as new plastics, so we can ship you your Graphics + Plastics, all installed and ready to bolt on!

Simply add our Fitment option when ordering your graphics, add your plastics to the cart and you’re good to go!

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