How long do your products take to make / ship?

Our most common time frames for a range of products can be found and are regularly updated on our Production Times page HERE.

I don't see any designs for my model bike, can you make graphics for my bike?

Yes! We have a large range of templates for most bikes 2000 onwards. Email us to enquire if your bike is older than 2000. We display our kit designs on current model bikes, but can transfer each design onto the bike model you specify on the order page.

Can you add a personal sponsor / business logo to my kit?

Yes! The logo must be in PDF or Adobe Illustrator format. We do not accept Jpeg, Jpg, Gif or BMP.

Can you add Red Bull / Monster Energy / Rockstar logos to my kit?

No. There are no graphics companies in the world legally allowed to print these logos, unless for sponsored athletes of those companies.

Can you add KTM / Husqvarna / GASGAS logos to my kit?

Yes! We are one of very few Aussie graphics companies with official GASGAS, KTM and Husqvarna Licensing, and can print their logos on your kit.

Can you fit my graphics to plastics?

Yes! We charge a flat fee for full kit fitment to cover our employees time. You can choose the fitment option on each kit order page, and also add plastics if needed from our Plastics category in the Shop menu.

Orders with Plastics will ship from our Head Office in Brisbane, so higher shipping costs can be expected for International Shipments.

If you live close to Rival Ink Yatala HQ, you have the option to bring your bike in to us for graphics fitment onto your plastics. Please note however that we do not install to scratched / old / dirty plastics, they need to be clean and new.

What happens if the plastics I want are out of stock?

We do our best to reflect our plastics suppliers exact stock levels, however in some cases with lower stocked items, they may have all been sold.

In this case we will do our best to supply you with the same or similar colourway plastics from another supplier, with the same price and quality.

If no plastics can be sourced, we will refund you the plastics price and proceed with the remainder of your order, so that you can source plastics locally if needed.

NB. If your graphics order has already been printed, they cannot be refunded due to nil stock plastics. This is because of the nature of custom printing, and each graphics kit being custom made per customer, per order.


How do I locate my order confirmation email?

1. CHECK YOUR INBOX. Automatic emails are sent at the time of each purchase to the email provided during the checkout process.

2. If you can’t locate that email, check your spam folder that is usually where they hide 🙂

3. If you mistyped your email or have any odd questions send us an email to [email protected] and we will help you out!

Can you email me a picture of my design before you print?

Yes! Just click YES on the Design Proof option on the order page and we will email you the proof to make changes if needed.

Due to the amount of design requests we receive each week, we don’t design anything until an actual order is placed on our website.

How long until I get my design proof?

Depending on the turn around time for the current work load, your proof will be designed and emailed as soon as possible within the listed time frame on the order page.

Can I change an order after it's been placed?

Graphics changes are no worries! Just let us know what you need changed PRIOR to any design work commencing.

If you want to change a kit base design completely, or cancel your order after we have started the design process, it will incur a $70AU design fee to cover the time spent on the order.

If the print process has started on your order, the order is now non changeable and non refundable. Unfortunately printers don’t have an ‘un-print’ button!

Custom Seat Cover orders are final upon order placement and CANNOT be changed. Please double check your order BEFORE checking out.


Can you ship to my Country?

Yes! We ship worldwide to all countries. Some products however are restricted due to licensing to parts of Europe.

You can view our products in your nearest currency using our currency converter at the top of the page, or in the sidebar on mobile devices.

All orders will process through the checkout in Australian Dollars.

How long will my order take to ship after I approve my proof?

Generally orders ship between 7-10 business days, or longer if shown on our Design Proof info box on each order page. After approval, we print, laminate, cut and pack your order for shipping. This is generally a 3-5 day process to allow for maximum quality.

My package is marked as "delivered" but I can't find it?!


Once the package has been picked up from our HQ the postal service assumes all liability.

DON’T FREAK OUT! We suggest to look around your mail box, neighbors, back doors or anywhere they could have placed it.  If you still can’t locate the package, call the postal service and give them your tracking number. They may be able to give you some more information. Sometimes if they can’t find a “safe” place for it they take it back to the nearest post office and it may be available for pickup.

Help! I messed up my shipping address during checkout.

BEFORE SHIPMENT: Please notify us IMMEDIATELY if the wrong address was inputted during checkout so we can update it before shipping.

AFTER SHIPMENT: If the item is already shipped then we are not liable for lost package or delivered packages.

We will not re-ship, replace or refund orders if lost for wrong addresses. It is up to the customer to give correct information.

Customs Fees / Duties



International packages may be subject to customs, duties or other fees that are calculated by country. The customer is responsible for paying any and all customs duties and fees.

International packages may be delayed by customs; unfortunately Rival Ink has no control over this.

Shipping times vary depending on location, time of year and local postal service.